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Case Type: Motorcycle Accident

Client was hit standing at the bus stop by a drunk motorcycle driver.

Settlement Amount:


Case Type: Wrongful Eviction

Client was wrongfully evicted without proper notice. The municipality where she lived was sued and the case was successfully won.

Settlement Amount:


Case Type: Motorcycle Accident

Client, while driving his motorcycle was hit by a driver who made an improper turn. The drivers insurance company was sued.

Settlement Amount:


Case Type: Car Accident

Client was rear-ended by a driver while sitting at a red light.

Settlement Amount:


Case Type: Car Accident

Client was T-boned by a driver who fled the scene while traveling on I-75.

Settlement Amount:


Case Type: Custody

Father had not seen his child in over 8 months because the mom, who had sole custody, was refusing to allow the father to visit. Suit was filed and the client was awarded joint legal custody with decision making and generous visits with father.

Case Type: Custody

Father hired The Fair Law Firm for a divorce. He was awarded joint legal custody of the child. Mom refused to allow visits. Father rehired the Firm several months later and sued mother for full custody. Father won full custody of the child after it was demonstrated he was the most responsible parent.

Case Type: Child Support

A young mother had not received any support from her child’s father in over a year. The Fair Law Firm got the father in Court. Now, the mother has guaranteed monthly payments of child support.


Case Type: Divorce

Client came to The Fair Law Firm after she found out her husband was moving out of State and trying to sell their home without her permission or consent. The Firm stopped the sale of the home and recovered a hefty percentage of the future sale of the home. The case settled with a final divorce and some alimony for our client.


Case Type: Legitmation, Custody and Visitation

Father came to The Fair Law Firm after mom attempted to put him on child support but refused to allow visits. The Firm got the Father legitimated. He was awarded joint legal custody of his kids. He has a liberal visitation schedule and pays a reasonable amount of child support.

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